Contest Prep: Managing your meals

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e-bags – this one is sturdy and durable. I’ve had for 4 years. Compared to the 6-pack Fitness Innovator mini, you’ll save about $20 and have more room for meals. The innovator only holds 3 meals!

mini-bag with containers -this one is so small and can go inside other bags for easy consolidation on the plane.

glass containers – at or these for less on Amazon. 

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3 thoughts on “Contest Prep: Managing your meals

  1. Great tips! The bag that I am using is too small, this ebag looks very useful. I have a bag that is about that size, I’m going to start using that to keep me on track with my meals.

  2. Looking into getting the Ebag. I’m super excited, meals have always been a struggle to keep up with.

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