44 year old mom shares 3 secrets to stepping on stage (photo inside!)

I wanted to take the time today to encourage you to make this the year you finally step on stage…

No matter how old you are–I know if your mind is made up, nothing can stop you!

Case Study: Renee,  44 year old mom of two boys, 8 and 11 years old, wife and business owner training for a bikini competition. She shared 3 secrets during our check-in that helped her get amazing results even during the holidays!

 1. Hire someone to take the guess work out your program. I wanted to do a show before I was 40, being a parent and business owner, life just got in the way. Now I’m 44 and it seemed even further away from reality but I researched the internet and found Kimberly. After getting a consult, I realized her program was exactly what I needed. I am busy and could only do this if I had professional coaching. I do not have the time, knowledge or experience to figure out my meal planning and workouts and still be a happy, healthy mom, wife, business owner. The last thing I wanted to do was waste any time. 

2.  Be mindful of everything that goes in your mouth, stay focused and be prepared! The older I get the more this rings true. These past holidays proved that having accountability and focus allows you to stay on track no matter what is going on around you. Sick kids, travel and holiday foods normally would have derailed me but seeing results made me think about every food choice.
3. Keep positive thoughts, trust the process. Getting out of my head, Kimberly is guiding me through that process, slowly, but we’re getting there! It’s more mental as I get older than physical. Anyone can put the work in–it’s letting go and having faith the work will pay off in the end. If I can do this anyone can!
                                                                             – Renee Curzie
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Renee stepped on stage and took home two 1st place trophies!
If you are on the fence about competing because you are over 40, let that go! There are tons of options for newbies, let’s chat to see what’s best for your debut. Schedule a complimentary assessment here.

5 thoughts on “44 year old mom shares 3 secrets to stepping on stage (photo inside!)

  1. Way to go. I am also 44 and am working on competing in my first competition in March. I have wanted to do this since my 20’s but family, school, and work created to many excuses. Keep it up and go for your goal..

  2. I too am 44 and striving to compete in my first figure competition this year. It’s very motivating to see others (my same age) in the same shoes! Good luck ladies!!

  3. The mental part is tough for sure!im working on my second bikini competition. Last one was a year, my feed back from the judges was I looked thin onstage so I gained weight in the process of loosing weight now for March. Trying to trust the process.

  4. I am 47 and like many of you women in their 40’s have put themselves on hold for family and others…I too have decided that this year is my time and I want to finally fulfill my dream of stepping on that stage for my first competition. But most of all I am doing this to gain some self confidence within myself. Good luck to all of you and thanks. Renee for the inspiration!

  5. I’ve always wanted to compete and I’m 43 and wanting to compete, but I keep getting sick!….Once I get better I’m going to strive on completing my goal!….Good luck ladies!

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