3 Tips to Revamp Your Workout

istock_000020226662_smallDreading your workouts?

Does it seem like you’re not moving forward?

Just feeling stuck in a training rut?

These are all signs you need to revamp your fitness program!

Everyone starts out gung-ho in the gym and quickly hit a plateau. But to be honest…

This is normal throughout any type of training. Here are some tips to get out of the rut and back to results!

  1. Train Less. I’m all for going hard and heavy, but the early stages of a training program is usually not the ideal time. Too much intensity out of the gate can lead to burnout and worse, an increased risk of injury. Make sure you structure your program to ensure there are enough rest days factored in for recovery and growth. Just adding in a rest day or two can give you a boost that gets your numbers moving again! 
  2. Be More Goal Specific. “I just want to get in better shape”. Oh, okay. But what does that really mean? Being “in shape” is a relative term. Are you getting ready for a fitness competition, or are you just trying to change your body composition? If body composition is the goal (for most people it is) then you would focus on reducing body fat and increasing lean body mass (LBM).
  1. Mix Things Up. Recent studies have shown that monotony might be one of the leading causes of death for a training program. Showing up to the gym and following the same old workout and cardio program day in and day out can quickly spell disaster for even the most motivated of individuals. While we often see ourselves as “creatures of habit”, we also crave variety.This is especially true when it comes to meal planning and workouts. Typically, we find something that works and just keep repeating it, with little to no changes. Sooner or later, we start to get bored and our excitement slowly fades away.

An effective training program should be around 4-6 weeks long and then its time to change it up. One way to keep things fresh is by alternating how you do the exercises. For example, chest press machine one workout then swap out for a dumbbell chest press.

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