12-Minute Challenge Workout

Squat Jumps







This is a timed workout challenge.

Set your interval timer for 12 minutes.  Your workout consists of 4 moves. You will do each move for a specific amount of reps then move to the next move in the circuit without rest. Complete all 4 moves then continue to do them for the 12 minutes. Write down how many sets you were able to complete in 12 minutes.

You can compare your scores for the next time you do this challenge and try to beat your previous time :)

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12 Minute Challenge

The workout

Time: 12 minutes Type of workout:  Timed Challenge Exercises: 4

#1 Squat Jumps – 20 reps (modification just squat fast and raise your arms in the air w/o jumping)

#2 Spiderman Pushups – 20 reps alternating legs (modification complete push-ups on your knees)

#3 Pistol Squat – 15 reps per leg (modification hold onto something as you do your squat)

#4 Inchworms – 20 reps (modification do a plank on your knees and lift your hips up and down)

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