3 Tips to Turn Things Around in Your Figure Prep

Ethnic woman frustrated by results of her dietI’m not sure how many weeks you have left until your figure competition…

But if your program is not on track or you think you are behind the 8 ball,there isn’t much time to course correct–especially if you are not sure what areas to fix!

No worries, I’ve got your back! I have identified 3 areas where newbie figure athletes can make tweaks to get things moving in the right direction again!

Your diet…

Speed up your metabolism. Spreading your total carbohydrates out in smaller
amounts can give your metabolism a jolt. This is a type of modified carb cycling
and you can adjust your total grams of carbs for the day based on your workout
intensity. Also consuming the right amount of fat on those lower/higher carb days

is key.

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Your training time…

Train later in the day. Everyone has their own schedule and may be restricted to specific time of the day. But if you are trying to get things moving again, training later in the day may make all the difference. Why? Because you would have eaten most of your heavier meals by then which will help you burn off the majority of that energy and your body will have to rely on stored fuel. And your workouts need to be ramped up to burn more efficiently with splits (working specific body parts together and on certain days).

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Your training focus…

Stick to 1 program (no more plan hopping). I don’t mean no harm, but many of you right now are following more than one prep program and are jumping between them, picking and choosing what you like hoping it all works out in the end.

But jumping from one program to the next creates inconsistency that your body will react to negatively. Training for figure is a progressive process and you have to either follow one program or coach during this prep to reach your goal of rocking the stage.

If you are still worried about pulling it all together in time, hire me as your coach and I will share the insider pro secrets to get stage ready!

5 thoughts on “3 Tips to Turn Things Around in Your Figure Prep

  1. I have 5 weeks until my 1st bikini competition then another one 2 weeks after that (emerald cup). What should my last month. & peak week look like (diet) ? is it true no dairy (only eat egg white, nf cottage cheese & nf plainGreek yogurt) & no fruit ??

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