Personal Training

kimberly-headshot-3Have you ever worked with a trainer who felt like a glorified number counter? You got a good workout but often times you just felt like they were going through the motions with you until their next client showed up?

I’m not that type of personal trainer.

That’s because when I work with someone, I am invested in their health and their results as if they were my own.

And when we work together, I promise you that I’ll share with you everything I know about health and nutrition, I’ll design a custom program that will not only help you get you the results you want but that will fit with your lifestyle and the equipment and resources you have at your disposal. I’ll become your loving kick-in-the-butt cheerleader, that will help you achieve physical and emotional strength you never knew you had.

This personal training program will be different than anything you’ve ever experienced.

I believe that if you want to transform your body and your health, you can. You just need someone with my experience and results to help you make it happen.

There are two different ways I can work with you as your personal trainer:


In Studio Training

Train in my state-of-the-art studio in Springfield, VA

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Online Training

Train virtually from anywhere in the world!

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