Get Stage Ready Boot Camp is a 24-week is a private individual & group coaching program for women desiring to participate in a Figure, Bikini, or Wellness competition using healthy methods that will support long term health & fitness goals beyond the stage.

This program is for you if:

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    You are currently healthy and would like to compete within the next 16-32 weeks.
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    You have been training on your own but not seeing the dramatic changes in your body other competitors are achieving.
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    You are concerned your current training & nutrition will not meet your show timeline.
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    You are coachable and READY to invest the time, money and energy necessary to make it all the way to the stage!

You Are Not Alone! About 60% of First Time Competitors Are Following The Wrong Plan...

Hitting the stage is more than just working out and losing weight. The truth is, the judges don't want to see skinny bodies on stage. But sadly, most of the cookie cutter or do-it-yourself plans will leave you miserable, starving, losing muscle, and going home empty handed. You'll end up wishing you had invested more into your preparation. Learning the entire system BEFORE you begin your prep is the key to having a positive experience on stage!

Don't Make Unnecessary Mistakes...Join The 40% of Competitors Who Are Confident Because They're Following A Proven System to The Stage! 

Because The Secret to Winning Are The 3 S's...

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    If you don't bring the right shape, the judges will say you were in the "wrong category."
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    If you don't bring enough size, the judges will say come back after you build more muscle.
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    If you don't bring the right level of symmetry, the judges will say "you weren't lean enough."

One Thing's For Sure, You Don't Want To Be The Competitor Who Has Missed Their Conditioning Mark On Stage...

You only have about 10-15 seconds to show the judges all the hard work you have put in! One of top judges in the industry, Gary Udit, often says "the best looking competitor doesn't always win." Being in peak condition is just the first part of grabbing the judges attention. You also need to properly manage your stage time and present confidently at all times.

Gary Udit, NPC/IFBB Judge

Don't  Take Chances With Your Prep!

I’ve designed an 8-week course to go much deeper than any other cookie-cutter coach or plan you will find on the web that gets you all excited and then leaves you alone to struggle your way through it. Sorry, I care too much to do that to you. I’m going to hold your hand and guide you all the way through this one. It’s not okay with me for you to do anything but make it all the way to the stage and feel good about your investment with me here. This program includes all the meticulous details I share with my private clients at a fraction of the cost...

After Taking This 12-Week Course...

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    You'll learn exactly what the judges want: Avoid common newbie mistakes judges say will cost you a trophy.
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    You'll look totally comfortable on stage: Even when you are wearing 5 inch heels, a skimpy bikini, and standing under those bright lights.
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    You'll have the confidence you can win: You don't know who is going to show up--but you will be ready to dominate the competition!

Check Out These Amazing Success Stories...

“I jumped into the course 8 weeks out and won.”

I joined Kimberly Doehnert IFBB Pro’s program with only 8 weeks before my show because I felt I needed a change in strategy. I came in 1st in Figure Classic and 3rd in Figure Open Tall at The 2018 Lone Star Muscle Mania in Galveston. I am so pleased with my results! I will definitely use her program from the beginning for my next competition." 


“I went from won't be ready in time to walking away a pro!"

Kimberly was very honest during our initial call and said I wouldn't be ready for my show. I decided to sign up for her pre-competition program. I ended up losing 21 pounds and walked away with 4 trophies my first show. Then, 4 weeks later, I dropped 10 more pounds and I won my pro card--so amazing!


“Loved everything I learned in the Boot Camp."

This is the place to start with your contest  prep! It’s laid out, concise, organized, easy to follow. The group of girls that I met (that I can now call my friends) are very special to me! Thank you Kimberly for creating this amazing boot camp!


“It was a clean sweep!"

"Kimberly, I just wanted to give you an update since finishing your boot camp. It was SO worth investing in your coaching program. I had no expectations of placing in a competition and was ecstatic that I reached the goals I set for myself to hit the stage. The transformation was incredible!  I won 5 trophies and became a pro my first show!"


Here's What You Get In The Boot Camp...


Learn how to figure out the exact calories & macros for achieving your prep goals.


Learn how to exude confidence and grace when you step from behind the curtain.


Learn how to build muscle, lose fat, and create the right shape for the stage.


Learn how to not ruin all your hard work during the final week of prep.


Learn the types of cardio workouts and which ones get you maximum fat loss.


Learn what the judges want to see each competitor do on stage to land in the Top 5.


Learn which supplements you need and the ones you should avoid to during prep.


Learn how to avoid excessive weight gain and have a healthy post show transition.

Kimberly Doehnert, IFBB Pro

About ​Your Coach

Kimberly Doehnert is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and IFBB Figure Pro with over 27 years of experience in the health & fitness industry. Serving in the U.S. Army has given her a unique perspective on how to motivate and train thousands of women to reach their biggest fitness goals. 

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