Learn How to Use The Clean Ketogenic (KETO) Diet And You Could Lose Up To 2 Pounds Per Day...Without Eating A Ton Of Bacon & Cheese!

Gained weight over the holidays?  This challenge is the perfect RESET to reach your biggest  fitness goals in 2019!

Benefits of The Keto Kick-Start

  • Lose up to 2 pounds a day as you drop inches, and pant sizes.
  • Get your body into ketosis (the  fat burning zone) quicker.
  • Feel sexier and more confident than you ever have before.
  • Increased mental clarity and boosted energy levels.
  • Naturally sheds water weight gained from holiday eating.
  • Cut your food cravings by up to 90%.
  • Super easy to follow while traveling or eating out.
  • Enjoy fat loss without sacrificing hard earned muscle.
  • You'll never have to starve yourself again to lose weight!


  • Daily video training to unlock the secrets of mastering keto    
  • A step-by-step instructional guide to "clean" keto 
  • 5-day workout & cardio plan to get you into ketosis faster 
  • Pre and post keto transition meal plan 
  • 2 keto meal plans (one includes intermittent fasting!)
  • Handy shopping list broken down by food categories 
  • List of snacks that won't take you out of keto
  • Daily recipe posts, tips, and motivation
  • BONUS! Official Challenge Workbook with day-by-day recap! 

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"One of the easiest meal plans to follow during prep!"

In the first few months  of training for my first figure competition, the diet was hard to stick to. Once I got on the ketogenic plan, it took away the cravings and I lost 20 pounds!  - Yuki

"I wanted the body of a competitor and I got it!"

When I decided to contact Kimberly, I knew she had an awesome track record of helping women step on stage. I never wanted to compete. I just wanted the body of a competitor. I lost 30 pounds after using her meal plans. I highly recommend working with her. - Adrienne

About Kimberly

Kimberly has been a fitness professional for over 26 years. After becoming an IFBB Pro at the age of 46, she began helping new competitors navigate the difficult process of stepping on stage. Kimberly has created dozens of programs for women of all walks of life to reach their ultimate fitness goals!

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*SPECIAL TERMS:  The 5-Day Keto Kick-Start Challenge is currently self-directed and includes all the program documents and access to daily training replays and Q & A in our private challenge Facebook Page through January 19, 2019 midnight EST.  There are absolutely no refunds as the materials are delivered electronically immediately after purchase.  See below our "Sales and Refund Policy" for more details.

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