Get Stage Ready Boot Camp™ is a 14-week individual coaching program for women ready to prep for a Figure, Bikini, or Wellness competition using healthy methods that will support long term fitness goals beyond the stage. Enrollment Is Limited, Schedule Your Consult Below!

This program is for you if...

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    You are tired of dreaming of competing and are ready to step on stage this year.
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    You have been training on your own but not seeing the dramatic changes in your body other competitors are achieving.
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    You are concerned that your current contest prep plan will not meet your show timeline and want to fix it--fast.
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    You are coachable and READY to invest the time, money and energy necessary to make it all the way to the stage!

Get Stage Ready (GSR) Boot Camp Includes...

  • 30-Minute Pre-Contest Consultation: We will meet virtually via Zoom to select the right show for body and show timelines.
  • Weekly Email Check-ins: We will check-in via email and make specific adjustments to your workouts, cardio, diet, supplements, posing, etc., based on your progress and show timelines.
  • Bi-Weekly Video/Phone Calls: You have the option meeting with me via video or phone to review your program and discuss show specific milestones and goals.
  • Custom Macro Meal Plans: Detailed diets with the exact calories & macros for achieving your prep goals. You will also get food exchanges and options for specific preferences.
  • Training Programs: Progressive weight training designed to build size, create shape, and reveal amazing symmetry on stage. Each workout breaks down the reps, sets, tempo, and rest period.
  • Cardiovascular Programs: Progressive cardio training to compliment your weight workouts and maximize your fat loss throughout prep.
  • Supplement List & Dosing: You will get recommendations for supplements to support your specific stage goals and enhance your overall healthy lifestyle.
  • Virtual Posing Sessions: We will meet via Zoom video to create your model and comparison poses to exude confidence on stage. You will receive a replay of all sessions for practice.
  • Peak Week Protocol:  Final week with detailed grid and phone consultation to be sure that you are prepared for this pivotal week. I will take you through carb, sodium and water manipulation to achieve the right level of conditioning.
  • Day of Show Coaching: I'll be with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve and maintain the right level of conditioning and presentation during pre-judging and finals!
  • 30-Minute Post Show Consultation: You'll receive feedback from your show, recommendations on future shows, and answer any post competition questions.
  • 30-Day Post Show Plan: You'll receive a detailed program that allows you to healthfully transition from your show. During this period, we will check-in periodically to monitor your progress.

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