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KimPROTrophySaturday, January 16, 2021

Do you want to compete but don’t know where to start?

Or if you can find enough time in your busy schedule to train effectively?

Are you wondering whether or not you could get lean enough for show?

Maybe you are a mommy and think you can’t get that kind of body?

Feeling like you are too old to compete???

Ladies, the answer is YES! You can do this!!!

My name is Kimberly Doehnert and before I became an IFBB Pro, I was just like you… I didn’t think I could build a winning physique. Even though I’ve been a personal trainer for over 17 years, this was totally different… I’m a mom, run my own business, was 43 years old when I competed for the first time, and YES I was able to step on that stage & rock it! Now I want to share with you the same secrets that helped me walk away a figure champion! Following the right program is the difference between winning a trophy or going away empty handed!


Get the Contest Prep Secrets program shipped directly to your front door!

The Program Includes:

  • You asked for it! A spiral-bound workbook, you can carry with you to the gym to take notes and reference any time.
  • You get a disc with worksheets and checklists you can fill out and re-use any time, for every competition.
  • And, you get an exclusive 70-minute audio figure training teleclass.

What’s Inside the Workbook?

  • A multi-phase guide from 16+ weeks all the way to the stage
  • Getting started program guide to get the most from your program
  • Meal plans with complete calorie, carb, protein, and fat breakdown
  • Food exchange lists to create UNLIMITED meal plans!
  • The actual diet I typically use 8 weeks out
  • Emergency workouts & diet plans (for ramping up fat loss)
  • Supplements for each phase of training
  • The right way to carb cycle for figure
  • Peak week revealed – the final 7-10 days
  • Pro tips to get rid of excess water
  • Training journals, checklists and figure budget
  • Final presentation tips (hair, make-up, suit selection)
  • Basic posing instructions
  • Secret tips to help you place your first time on stage
  • And so much more!


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And there’s more! You get these 5 Insider Bonuses!


Contest Day Tips

Finally, competition day is here! From the time you get up, until the moment you walk across that stage–everything you do should be focused on bringing your best package to the judges. It can get pretty confusing for a newbie figure athlete backstage with so many exciting things going on around you. Contest Day Tips goes over what foods are good to eat and when backstage, when to drink water, what happens when you step on stage, which supplements to take that will make your muscles look full (not come up flat and small) and more SECRETS used by the pros!


Pro Tanning Tips

It’s important to have a deep tan because of the bright stage lights. They are different from the lighting in your home and without a dark even tan—or you will look totally washed out! You will stand out like a sore thumb if you are too “white” or sporting a weak tan. One thing you don’t want to do is treat tanning as an afterthought. This is a very important part of your overall presentation. Learn when to start your tan, how to prep your skin, avoid the dreaded “green” look, and the final tips to SHINE on stage!


Post Contest Diet & Exercise Plan

Finally, competition day is here! From the time you get up, until the moment you walk across that stage–everything you do should be focused on bringing your best package to the judges. It can get pretty confusing for a newbie figure athlete backstage with so many exciting things going on around you. Contest Day Tips goes over what foods are good to eat and when backstage, when to drink water, what happens when you step on stage, which supplements to take that will make your muscles look full (not come up flat and small) and more SECRETS used by the pros!


Winning Figure Workouts

In order to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat, a figure competitor has to complete some hard core workouts. These workouts have to include the right level of intensity and be progressive to see results week after week. Winning Figure Workouts includes extra workouts for the gym and at home to keep from adapting too quickly in Phase 1. Also, I developed a complete figure workout (5 days a week split) using the TRX–the only one of its kind!


Figure Recipes

Dieting for figure can get pretty boring, so I decided to compile some great recipes from real figure girls to help you stay on your diet and reach your competition goals!Depending on where you are in your contest prep, some of these recipes may need to be altered to adhere to your specific calorie needs. Each recipe include the macronutrient breakdown to help you easily adjust throughout your prep.

I made the protein bars and loved them! Thank you for sharing. *

—Stephanie Santisteven

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Why Should You Use Contest Prep Secrets?

What really makes this program different is that it’s created by a real IFBB Pro and coach! Not just someone who did one show, or competed in bodybuilding and thinks that sport is the same as figure! My system, Contest Prep Secrets combines everything I learned competing in figure and WINNING over the past 3 years and my experience a certified personal trainer for over 18 years! I don’t give you outdated techniques or tips that will leave you coming up short for your first show. THIS is the actual program I used to train, compete and win figure competitions! As an IFBB Pro, I know what the judges are looking for! I’ve included all the secrets I have learned–what works and what doesn’t, for you to dominate your competition!


This program is truly for the newbie figure competitor looking for a step-by-step program that will get their body stage ready!

Check out these AMAZING results using the Contest Prep Secrets system!

Kimberly-Goes-Pro-295x300In May 2012, I began competing and entered my first show ever. It had become pretty much a “bucket list” item. I researched, signed up, trained myself, and sought out good resources and advice from the likes of you. If you recall, my FIRST show I won Big (Overall) in Muscle Mania Lone Star. I then did my SECOND competition, November in Las Vegas–Muscle Mania’s largest show. I placed 3rd in open! I won my PRO CARD! And I was proud to be the oldest in the top 5–unbelievable! I just wanted to thank you because for all two (lol) shows I’ve used your Contest Prep Secrets. Thank you for all that you share! *

—Kimberly Ross, Figure Pro

LindaBeforeAfter-300x294Just a note of thanks! I purchased your program, Contest Prep Secrets, with the thought of “oh I will give it a try,” never expecting to make it all the way to the stage on November 11, 2011. You not only gave m the tools I needed but you made me realize that I had it in me to step out there and ROCK it! I never expected so much personal attention from you! I really just thought this was another e-book “program.” Because of your system and YOU, I now have 3 trophies in my office to remind me of all the hard work. I am a 48 year nurse and grandmother–yes it was hard work! Again, THANK YOU! *

—Linda Bennett

RebeccaEwing2-300x289Thank you Kimberly, I love your program, Contest Prep Secrets! Its so concise and gave me so much information about how to restructure my workouts and diets to build a figure ready body! I competed in my first figure competition July 27, 2012 NPC LA Championships and placed 1st Masters Figure! I relied on CPS again for my 2nd show Sept 8, 2012 NPC Tournament of Champions LA, CA placed 1st in Masters Figure and 1st in Open. I’m so excited, I qualified for NATIONALS!!! Using your program and competing has been the perfect jump start into my new career in fitness! 2013 is going to be a great year for me, thanks again! *

—Rebecca Ewing

Christa-small2I purchased Contest Prep Secrets in January 2012 and followed through May. I took a break and started back up through my first competition in October–Best of the Midwest. I was extremely pleased with the attention you gave me Kimberly. You were helpful, encouraging and gave me the confidence that I needed to prepare. This system is effective if YOU apply yourself and are dedicated 100% to it. Contest Prep Secrets included so many details that I would not have known and I won 6 trophies my first show!!! Thanks so much Kimberly! *

—Christa McLane

Thank-you-KimThank you, Kim, for believing in me to reach my goals, talking me down from the edge when I was ready to jump, encouraging me to keep pushing ahead, getting me Stage-Ready. I could not have done this without your awesome coaching. I LOVE my 50 year old body and I love you for helping me attain it!!! *

—Lisa Shimahara

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…but wait, you get 2-CD’s that contain a 70 min figure prep class and worksheets & checklists!

70 minute Audiofigure-prep-audio

  • You’ll learn exactly how the figure competitions work
  • The best way to train for your first NPC show
  • 5 insider tips to help you take home a trophy your first time out
  • …and so much more!

Just listened to the MP3 of the call. THANK YOU!! That was so helpful, I really appreciate all the information and I have tons of pages of notes from it. *

—Heather Vogel

5 Checklists & WorksheetsCPS Checklists

  • 7-day food journal
  • 7-day exercise & cardio journal
  • Competitor checklist – getting started
  • Competition day packing list
  • Figure budget worksheet


Contest Prep Secrets system includes the spiral workbook, 2-CD’s, and printed worksheets to get you stage ready in 16 weeks or less!


Hey, I’ll even throw in the E-Download version–FREE! ($97 value)

While you wait for the program to be delivered to your door, you can access the e-book version right now! Even at 2am, you can get started training for your figure competition!

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Don’t want the physical book?

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 *Please note, the E-Download version includes the book in PDF format and link to access the bonus books. No physical book will be received.

Disclaimer: The information in this program was generated from scientific and medical research from various experts in the body building industry. I have several years of experience in researching, developing and following fitness and nutritional programs, and the information presented in this program is of my own personal and professional opinion and does not necessarily reflect those of other organisations, professionals, or government bodies. Any healthy, active adult can attempt this guide safely, however, the user should consult with their physician first, especially if any cardiovascular, pulmonary, or metabolic symptoms exist, before following any nutritional and exercise programs in this program. The outcomes depicted in testimonials are no guarantee of future results using this program but are an indication of their personal effort and success. The user assumes all liability and risk associated with undertaking the suggested diets, supplements, and programs in this program.