Contest Prep In Studio Training

In-studio training with Kimberly is reserved for competitors or women who want to build a competition level physique.

The studio has state of the art equipment to get you stage ready. Here’s what’s included:

Medical Grade Air Purification System

Norditrack Treadmill (40% Incline and 4% Decline)

Norditrack Studio Spin Cycle (Incline and Decline)

Life Fitness G7 Cable Training System

Hoist Hack Squat & Leg Press Combo

Booty Sprout – Glute Training System

Battle Ropes

Medicine & Slam Balls

ViPR Training System

TRX Suspension Training

Bosu’s & Other Balance Training

Kettle Bells

Incline & Decline Bench

Resistance & Thigh Bands

Olympic & Barbell Bar

Plyo Boxes

Dumbbells & Ankle Weights

Gliding Discs

Theragun & Other Recovery Tools


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