Why I Don’t Do Deadlifts Anymore

As a figure pro, I'm always trying to improve areas of my physique that are lagging behind...

And it's my behind that needs some serious growth! I've been doing alot of research and realized something that was right under my nose the whole time. Doing deadlifts pulls your butt flat. The booty muscles get pulled and stretched during deadlifts (especially stiff-leg) and eventually size and shape is diminished.

You want to focus on exercises with angles that isolate the glute/hamstring tie in, like lunges, squats, or kickbacks.

If your goal is to increase the size and roundness of your glutes, don't perform exercises that will make them flatter. If you have a bigger butt and you want to reduce the size or thickness--incorporate deadlifts. It's just that simple!

Doing deadlifts pulls your butt flat.

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Check out the video of my favorite booty building superset I did today. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel 🙂 Complete 3 sets of 20 for the burn!

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