Success Story: Adriene Webster

This post is for all the women that are training hard but just not reaching their ultimate fitness goals.

That is exactly what Adriene Webster was going through.

She had been trying for more than a decade to get a certain look.

The kind of look she only saw on women training for a figure or bikini competition.

Adriene has a very unique story and I know it will motivate so many of you to do what it takes to reach the next level body of your dreams.

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She is a busy corporate executive who has also been a personal trainer over the years. Even as a trainer, there was something missing in her program that was denying her the results she deserved. But Adriene does not give up!

Even with her busy family, church, and work schedule, Adriene kept searching for a program to totally reshape her body.

After working with some very well known fitness professionals over the years and getting some success, she became even more determined to have a bigger transformation.

Adriene began following my Facebook page and signed up for my emails. She did NOT want to step on stage but realized the key to getting the body of her dreams was to follow a competitor training program.

We started her journey at 159 lbs. Watch the video and hear directly from Adriene what happened  when she decided NOT to compete 🙂

Maybe you don’t want to compete either but want the body?

Adriene got the body she wanted. Now so can you. Skip the stage and lose 15, 20, 30 or more pounds!

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4 thoughts on “Success Story: Adriene Webster

  1. I am not ready to get on stage but YES I do want to get the body as if I could. I just need the tools to help keep me motivated and not platue. I pray you can help me.

  2. At age 37 I walk into the ladies room at Tampa International & notice just how great this woman looks… I randomly compliment her thinking… Dang I wanna get fit!
    Guess who she was?? Thee 1 & ONLY… URS TRULY:) Thank you for sharing your site Kim… I am enjoying the motivation!
    -Rolena Spencer

    1. Hi Rolena!

      Thanks for stopping by! Wow, I am so glad we connected in Tampa.
      Make sure you get on my email list to have workouts and motivation sent right to your inbox 🙂


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