Sample Member Workout

Thursday – Legs (3-4 sets)

Single leg press (toes out, front, turned in) 8/8/8

Leg press – both legs 15 (2-3 count tempo return, don’t lock your knees at top)

Seated hamstring curls 15

Single leg seated hamstring curls (toes out, front, turned in) 8/8/8

Romanian deadlift 15 superset with Smith machine Sumo/Plie squats 15

 Friday – Shoulders, Abs (3-4 sets)

Single arm DB shoulder raise 12

Arnold presses 12

Leaning lateral raises 12 each

Spiderman crunches 20 (10 each side)

Rope oblique crunches (alt.) 30

Hanging or roman chair leg lifts 15-20

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