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Sample Member Workout

Thursday – Legs (3-4 sets) Single leg press (toes out, front, turned in) 8/8/8 Leg press – both legs 15 (2-3 count tempo return, don’t lock your knees at top) Seated hamstring curls 15 Single leg seated hamstring curls (toes out, front, turned in) 8/8/8 Romanian deadlift 15 superset with Smith machine Sumo/Plie squats 15 […]

4 Tips to Get Faster Results In The Gym

Tip #1 Track your calories burned and consumed Wear a heart rate monitor during all your workouts and track your food intake using free apps like myfitnesspal and loseit. Then, take the calories you consume, minus the calories you burn = your NET calories. Manipulating your net calories is the key to reaching your fitness […]

The Best Time to Workout: Morning or Evening?

This post is in response to a member’s question: “When is the best time for me to train? Mornings or evenings?” When it comes to working out, some experts feel that morning workouts have the better advantage to those done in the evening. Then there are other experts who believe the opposite, that evening workouts […]