4 Tips to Get Faster Results In The Gym

Tip #1 Track your calories burned and consumed

Wear a heart rate monitor during all your workouts and track your food intake using free apps like myfitnesspal and loseit. Then, take the calories you consume, minus the calories you burn = your NET calories. Manipulating your net calories is the key to reaching your fitness goals.

Tip #2 Increase your workout volume

Supersets – completing 2 exercises back to back without rest.

Reduce rest time – take 30 second rest vs. 60 seconds. Less rest will prevent the body from recovering, thus burning more calories.

Circuit training – completing 4 or more exercises back to back without rest (like supersets) will increase your cardiovascular output which increases intensity and calorie burn.

Tip #3 Add a workout finisher

These are meant to elevate your metabolism and increase your heart rate with a short amount of extremely high intensity exercise at the end of your workouts.

Tip #4 Increase your training frequency

To get faster results in the gym you have to actually workout. Well, let’s just say you are already working out, but only twice per week. Want faster results? Increase your training frequency. In other words, workout more times each week.

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