Figure & Bikini Coaching

Does any of this sound like you?

You don’t have a clue where or how to start your training.

You feel overwhelmed with all the information out there and wish you had someone sort it all out for you.

You’ve tried to prep before but got off track somehow, leaving you feeling discouraged and back at square one.

You want to stop talking about competing and actually do it.

You want to know the exact areas of your physique that will keep you from winning.

If you’re ready to get the information, motivation, and the support you need to prepare for your figure or bikini competition, you’ve come to the right place!

My name is Kimberly Doehnert, IFBB Figure Pro, Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert.

I have over 27 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Whether it’s shedding unwanted fat, reshaping your body, putting on more lean muscle, or getting ready for your next competition–training with me is the key to building the body of your dreams.

My mission is to motivate women of all walks of life to achieve their best fitness. As a competitive athlete myself, I understand the challenges of balancing training and home-life. The majority of my clients are amazing women over 40 who want to compete for the first time and don’t want to take chances trying to figure it all out on their own!

With my online figure and bikini coaching program, I take the stress out of your prep! After personally helping hundreds of women achieve their dream of stepping on stage, I’ve created a blueprint for stage success!

16-Week Competition Coaching Package Includes:

  • VIP Day: 45-Minute Call (recording provided) to review your initial program, answer questions, and select a show & division(s) best for your body and experience level.
  • New Competitor Packet that includes individualized checklists, exclusive videos, and audios to jump start your prep!
  • Customized Meal Plans with macros that are adjusted bi-weekly based on your results and show timelines. No foods you dislike will be on the menu!
  • Supplement Recommendations that will compliment your nutrition and training program and help accelerate your results.
  • Weight Training Program designed to build & retain muscle, create shape, balance and the right level of conditioning for the stage. Adjusted bi-weekly based on your results and show timelines.
  • Cardiovascular Training Program that compliments your contest prep goals and provides the right level of conditioning on stage.
  • Weekly Check-ins via phone and email that includes photo assessment and measurements so we can be sure you are on tracking within show timelines.
  • Presentation Consultation to help you create a winning look. This will include discussing the type of suit and cut best for your body.
  • Mock Peak Week to assess your conditioning (2-3 weeks out). You will get a jump start on the final peaking process.
  • Peak Week Plan that details which foods to eat, final workouts & cardio,  and how to manipulate water & sodium safely to get dialed in.
  • Day of Show Coaching (phone, text, or video)to ensure you bring your best package to the judges. We will check your conditioning and readiness hour by hour until you step off stage.
  • 24/7 Access to Your Coach via text/email for unlimited questions and support.
  • BONUS #1: 8 Virtual/Studio Posing Sessions to perfect your stage presence and style. ($700 value)
  • BONUS #2: 4-Week Post Show Program that includes reversal diets to avoid gaining all the weight back. During this time, we will have weekly email check-ins to ensure you have a healthy transition off the stage. ($500 value)

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