Now, no matter what training you’ve done in the past, and no matter where you live, you can get the coaching and resources you need to compete successfully in your first (or next) competition.  

After becoming an IFBB Figure Pro and helping hundreds of clients to take the stage with confidence, I can advise you on the entire process from how to structure your initial workouts, to the quantity and quality of the food you should eat, and to what you should focus on during each phase of your contest prep.  

Preparing for a figure or bikini competition takes a strong desire and commitment, but it will also be one of the most satisfying and empowering experiences you’ll ever have. Pre-Contest & Post Show programs also available. Let's get started!


In 1992, with the help of a coach, I was able to lose over 50 pounds. That experience changed my life forever and motivated me to help other people just like you reach their fitness goals.  

Whether you want to lose weight, prepare for a special event, or just get a more lean, toned, sexy body...  

I'll design a customized program to help you achieve amazing success. I combine the training techniques I've learned in military, competing, and training clients for over 23 years--to get you the results you deserve! 

All it takes is your made up mind and a coach like me to make it happen. Let's get started!


"I was able to lose 30 pounds in 90 days!"

"I can't say enough about Kimberly's personalized training and nutrition program. Following her plan and guidance, I was able to lose 30 pounds in 90 days, hit the stage for my first competition, and win four first place trophies. I continued to follow her plan and, at my third show, received my Masters Figure Pro Card! All this in 4 months with her specialized programming. Kimberly knows what it takes to transform your body to a competitors physique. I can't thank her enough for helping me to achieve my goals!"  

— Dionne  

"I lost over 30 pounds and won 4 trophies!"

"For many years, my dream was to train for a bikini competition. Being an over 40 mom of 5 boys, I needed a training program that fit my busy schedule and lifestyle. Kimberly's coaching taught me how to structure my meals and making adjustments was easy each week. I lost over 30 pounds and won 4 trophies!"

— Ines  

"l lost over 8 pounds and 5% body fat!"

“I am Active Duty Navy as a Physician Assistant and work long hours that are mentally and physically draining. I decided to reach out to Kimberly for coaching because I just needed help to get myself on track with consistency with the workouts and figure out this eating thing. After following her 8-week jump start program, l lost over 8 pounds and 5% body fat. I'm super excited for the next chapter in my fitness!"  

— Korrina

"I just wanted the body of a competitor!" 

"When I decided to contact Kimberly, I knew she had an awesome track record of helping women step on stage. I never wanted to compete. I just wanted the body of a competitor. I lost 30 pounds after following her online training program. I highly recommend working with Kimberly!"  

— Adriene