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Back & Abs Workout 6-20-17

The Workout: Complete 3 sets of each SUPER or TRI-set below.

Pull-ups (to failure) superset with DB bent over flyes 20

Wide grip pull downs 20 superset with Dynamax slams 30

Underhand lat pull downs 20 superset with DB renegade rows 15 each arm

Bent over rope pull overs 20 superset with Med ball Russian twists 50

BB or Olympic bar underhand rows  (see pic) 15 superset with V-bar low row 20

DB or kettle pull-overs (flat bench) 20 superset with leg lifts (flat bench) 30

TRI-set: Rope crunches 30, decline sit-ups 30, hanging leg lifts (to failure)

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3 Tips to Pick The Right Suit

Avoid light colors or pastels.

The lights on stage are very bright and will wash out light colored suits against your skin. Deep rich shades of blue, red, purple, and green are good color choices.

Choose a flattering bra cup.

Many women lose alot of fat in their breasts and need a more molded bra. You can use gel inserts and stuffing to fill out your cup. If you have breast implants, make sure your suit provides enough coverage from all angles.

Keep stone design simple, not¬†distracting. The more stones on your suit, the more expensive and that will not win shows. Focus on a simple design that highlights your physique but doesn’t take away from it. You don’t want the judges remembering the suit more than you.

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4 Ways to Beat Low Energy

Exercise is supposed to make you feel energized, not zap it out of you right? But being tired after exercise makes sense because we burn calories which deplete the body of energy. When you’re tired, your body is craving¬†rest and nutrients¬†to repair your muscles and energize you. If you are feeling run down, it can keep you from hitting the gym¬†consistently which will slow your progress. Here are 5¬†tips to increase your energy¬†levels during and after workouts.

Make sure you eat before and after. For workouts less than an hour, you want to eat carbohydrates that are absorbed fast like half a bagel or English muffin. For workouts longer than one hour, you want to eat a carbohydrate that takes longer to digest like a banana.

Drink enough water.¬†Feeling lethargic is also caused by dehydration. Working out makes you sweat, so¬†it’s necessary to replenish that water lost during training. ¬†A good rule of thumb is to drink at least half your body weight in ounces and add more on training days.

Sleep more. If you are not getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night, this will only make your muscles more tired. Avoid late night workout sessions too if preventing you from getting in enough sleep.

Add rest days. If you are training almost everyday without a break, that will definitely wear you down quick.  I recommend taking at least 1-2 full days of rest. Listen to your body, take a break when you feel its needed.

As a general rule, make sure you get checked out by your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program. Getting a check-up could  uncover any underlying medical reasons that could be making you tired.

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Training Tip to Fix Your Tush


So, you have probably done a barbell deadlift before right?

The problem with them is sometimes your hips don’t go back far enough to activate the glutes. ¬†It’s not how much weight you use for deadlifts, but your form that matters.

Here’s a little trick to make sure you are targeting the tush…

Use a wall (or a machine like I did in this video) to limit how far back you can go. Take a slight step forward.  Once your butt touches the wall, then begin lowering the barbell. You should feel a more intense pull of those butt muscles. On the return, you want to squeeze the cheeks lol.

Complete slow & controlled movement on the way down and slightly faster on the return.

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Karen lost 10 pounds and 14 inches off her waist!

I love sharing client success stories!

Karen signed up for my 12 week coaching program and we just finished week 9…

All I can say is wow! Keep reading below to see her photos!

Here’s where Karen started:

Weight 148.5

Waist 46

Thigh 27

Hips 42

Calf 16

Week 9 stats:

Weight 138.7

Waist 32

Thigh 25

Hips 40

Calf 15

She lost an amazing 14 inches off her waist at the navel! Karen said “I could not believe it, I kept measuring it lol.”

Check out her before (left) and after (right) photos:


I laughed so hard when I read her text today…

That’s the thing about finally getting results. YOU are willing to go beyond your comfort zone to reach success.

All it takes is a made up mind and a committed coach. That would be me ūüôā

If you are READY, let’s chat about how you should structure your program for success.


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3 Things You Need to Compete & Win

What are the judges looking for?

It’s very important to know the answer if you are a newbie figure or bikini athlete.

You might hear something different, but trust me on this. You need the¬†3 S’s to compete.

Without them, you won’t get a second look from the judges.

What are the 3 S’s of competing?

Shape РThe X-Frame = wider back that intersects with a small waist, slightly squared quads, and a tight glute package.

Size РEnough muscularity based on your class of competition (figure, bikini, bodybuilding, etc.) 

Symmetry РThe perfect balance within your physique that sets you apart from the competition. 


Now, this goes for bikini competitors too!

In that bikini rear stance, the X-Frame is in full effect.

Here’s a great visual example of the 3 S’s…

Christi Frea competed for the first time and won 4 trophies!

She’s a mom, grandma, and fitness professional who wanted to transform her healthy fit physique into a competitive figure body.

Christi started her training at 108 pounds (left) and competed at 101 pounds (right). We increased the¬†size¬†of her muscles, created a figure competitor’s¬†shape,¬†and brought a level of leanness that showed off her¬†symmetry¬†on stage!¬†


I hope these tips help you create the kind of body that gets the judges attention and lands you in the winner’s circle.¬†¬†¬†

It totally got Christi there!

One thing is for sure…

The best way to ensure you show up with the right package on stage, is to start drilling down on the 3 S’s of competing. If you need help figuring all this out, contact me¬†here.¬†

Leg Volume Day: Kick-off Superset

When you have a body part that is lagging, its a good idea to hit it a couple times per week. Since my legs are my weak area, I train them 3 times per week. The 3rd session is for putting more blood into the muscle fascia to stimulate growth.  Its called Leg Volume Day.

I kicked off the workout with a superset from my past…

When I was training for my pro card,  my leg workouts were brutal lol. This was one of the supersets I hated most. Those are most effective ones right ? lol

  • Kettle Bell Plie Squats (pictured above) x 25. ¬†It can be done with or without the weight vest.
  • Leg Extensions x 25

There were 5¬†supersets in my workout. Each done for 3-4 sets. The first exercise¬†hits quads, the second glutes/hamstrings. So you end up with an opposing muscle group struggle that leaves you pretty sore the next day ūüôā

Need help fixing certain areas of your body? Contact me for a consult to figure out the best way to design your program.

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Beef Lettuce Wraps

These were such deliciousness I ate one before the photo lol


4 ounces of filet steak (grilled mine on George Foreman)

4 romaine hearts (1 shredded for topping)

1 tbs of organic shredded Mexican cheese

2 tbs all natural salsa

Makes 3 wraps ūüôā

Macros: Calories 330 | Protein 36.8g | Carbs 10.2g | Fat 14.4g

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Samantha’s Big REVEAL!

“This is for anyone reading and thinking….Is coaching¬†for me?

Please continue reading and know that’s exactly what I was asking myself for a WHOLE YEAR before I signed up with Kimberly. An entire year of waiting and waiting for something that I could have achieved sooner! Her program and results are as good as Kimberly claims and all her clients attest too!

I was working with a trainer and have been for most of my adult life, trying to achieve these results and still not getting what I was looking for!

All I remember is a year of trying and not getting it done…It’s a long time to be frustrated and upset with yourself, going into the gym and putting in all the time and effort, and not seeing results!

Here are my details:

Wife and Mom / 2 Young Boys

41 years old

Weight Pre-Kimberly:                       180 BF 35%

Weight after 20 week program:      145 BF 20%

I lost 35 pounds and 15% body fat!

Get coaching, get your BODY back ==> SCHEDULE A CONSULT

Thru this journey I realized physical fitness and creating a certain physique are two different things. I had spent countless hours, with little success, trying to piece everything together on my own to get the look Kimberly has helped me achieve in just a few short months.

It’s all about Diet, Supplements and Exercise‚Ķ.

The key difference is Kimberly knows what works and what doesn’t work. She takes all the guess work out of the equation and just tells you what to do! I followed her plan 99% and got my high school physique back! Kimberly also balances your body by looking at a weekly set of photos you submit and tweaking your exercise plan.

It never gets old hearing “You look fantastic!” That’s what starts happening when you work her plan. It’s healthy, attainable and she will help you with everything you need to know and be there for you through any of the difficulties and rough patches that you will undoubtedly encounter.

I might not be getting on stage just yet, but this is a start to something and I‚Äôm so thankful I took the first steps with Kimberly and saw such dramatic changes, so soon! Kimberly is a fantastic coach and inspiration! My results aside, she’s easy to get in touch with and is so helpful when you‚Äôre having a rough time, whether it’s with diet or exercise.

It truly has become a way of life that I haven’t felt was attainable or sustainable since I was a teenager.

Thank you Kimberly for getting my body back to being me!” – Samantha Falbe

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Back & Abs Workout (5-30-17)

How to do the workout:

This workout is made up of super and tri-sets.  Complete each super or tri-set x 3 or 4 sets. Take a 60-90 seconds break between supersets, focusing on lifting heavy for the reps stated.

The Workout:

Wide grip pull downs x 15 superset with Dynamax ball slams x 20

TRX underhand low rows (or straight bar low rows) x 15 superset with Dynamax ball sit ups w/knee ins x 20

Incline reverse DB flyes x 15 (face down on bench) superset with rope pull-overs x 15

BB underhand rows x 15 superset with DB single arm rows x 15 each arm

Band opens (see pic above) x 15 superset with DB bent over flyes x 15

Rope crunches x 30 tri-set with hanging leg lifts x 20, decline crunches x 30

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