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New Category – Women’s Wellness

The National Physique Committee (NPC) just announced a new division called Women’s Wellness…

…and it’s launching for early 2020 shows!

The rules are not out yet, but I can tell you what the industry OG’s like me think it will be like.

But before I tell you more about it, here’s a photo of a Pro Wellness Competitor. The IFBB Pro Elite (International) League has been including this division at shows for about 2 years






photo courtesy of the Evolution of Bodybuilding

From what I’ve seen, the judging criteria for Wellness at these International shows focused on competitors with wider hips and heavier bottoms.

These competitors have bigger thighs and glutes (as compared to figure and bikini) which could be great for all the bikini girls who are consistently told “slim down the quads.”

It could also be great for figure competitors who’ve had trouble building a bigger upper body (specifically wider lats).

Basically, they are looking for a tiny waist, a good degree of muscle and size except in the upper body.

The most important feature are bigger quads & glutes!

My opinion…

Wellness is for the competitor whose body style is in between bikini and figure.

How do you feel about this new division?

Think it would fit your body better?

Well, for any of the divisions, it will take time and alot of work to be ready!

…and if you are in-between divisions — you need hybrid training.

What’s that?

Like I mentioned, the Wellness competitors have a bigger lower body (figure) but keep a tiny waist and smaller upper body (bikini).

That’s why its good to have both a figure and bikini program guide to tailor your training to the right divisions. Contest Prep Secrets (CPS) is the ONLY program that includes both full plans for the price of one!

So, if you are thinking about doing the Wellness Division (in-between body style), you would follow the CPS figure program for legs and bikini for your upper body.

The time is now to map out your show, calculate the number of weeks you need, and decide which category your body should be in.

I hope this NEWS motivates you to push even harder to bring your best package to the stage!

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Pick The Right Type of Gym for Prep

One thing I realized early on as a fitness professional is that change takes time…

Especially when you are going from FIT to the STAGE!

It’s important to track the numbers and how you look along the way. Back in 2012, for my 3rd show, I took photos of how my transformed every 2-4 weeks. It surprised me how much I changed, check it out!


The biggest factor in getting stage ready is having a structured plan. For all my first shows, I followed a training system I created, Contest Prep Secrets.

It’s based on a standard 16 weeks of prep, broken into 4 weekly phases. Knowing how much training, cardio, food, and supplements you need is critical to get consistent results to the stage.

You can learn more about the prep process and my program here.

But I hope seeing what 12-16 weeks of prep looks like helps keep you on track!

3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Pick a Show

It really sucks being in the third callouts but I kept smiling 🙂

I’m the chocolate chick in the middle lol.

I was disappointed because…

Girl, I was a winner! Already had 8 trophies under my belt.

After landing in the Top 3 my first ever NPC figure competition in 2012,
I headed to Vegas Nationals a few months later  to hit the stage.

I had it all planned out. I was going home with my pro card!

Looking back, it was NOT the right show for me.

And what is so bad about it, someone advised me not to go…

I said, “hell naw!”

I qualified, I was going.

But I did not place.

Came in 13th…

I was out gunned.

I was on the WRONG stage…

That’s why I’ve focused my coaching expertise on first timers because I don’t want them to make the same mistakes.

So here are 3 simple reasons why you should NOT pick your own show.

1. You have never competed before.

2. You are not sure how many weeks it take to prep.

3. You are not sure which category would best for your body shape. (Figure, Wellness, or Bikini).

Choosing a show is an important process of prep. If you are not on the right stage, your chances of landing in the Top 5 are slim.

I’ll help you map out your prep timeline and pick a show!

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This Mom Lost 40 Pounds Training Like A Competitor

Crissy told me “before I got pregnant with my daughter 5 years ago, I was in really good shape. My legs were so much smaller.” Since then, it seemed like the weight wasn’t coming off fast enough. When Crissy started my program, she weighed 184 pounds, had over 30% body fat, but wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. She is prior Army like me and we don’t give up easy!

Crissy had always dreamed of one day getting the body of a competitor and maybe even stepping on stage. It was amazing to see her body transform every week! Check out her after photos and stats below.

Crissy now weighs 144 pounds, has 18% body fat, and can step on stage or not!

She wanted to see how far she could push towards her goals. Crissy crushed them!

I know you can too!

If you are tired of carrying around the same 20, 30, 40 or more pounds keeping you from competing or being in the best shape of your life, schedule a free consult with me asap.

No more talking about it! You can get your body back in weeks not years!

Booty Band Workout

Bands are a great way to activate the glutes and hamstrings throughout your workout. To feel the most burn, I do a band activator exercise (BAE) before the main moves. Keep reading to get the full workout and a few videos for all the ACTIVATOR exercises!

Incorporating resistance bands to your leg training can fix lagging legs muscles and improve your overall shape, size and symmetry on stage!

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The Workout:

Warm-up: 5 minute walking lunges

Exercise #1 (BAE) Band Walks 3×60 seconds of back and forth)

Exercise #2 Bulgarian Split Squats 3×12

Exercise #3 (BAE) Goblet Squats with Band 3×20

Exercise #4 Leg Press (high feet placement, wide, toes turned out) 3×12

Exercise #5 (BAE) Band Lateral Lunges 3×15 each way

Exercise #6 Seated or Lying Leg Curls (turn feet out) 3×12

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3 Tips for Better Front Squats

First of all, if you are not doing front squats, this might be a good time to learn!

Front squats are great because they target the quads more than traditional “back squats.” Plus if you have any issues with your back, it causes less compression and reduced hip pain.

For years, I didn’t do them because they felt awkward. The reason being was I couldn’t figure out the best way to hold that bar without falling over lol.

Finally, I came up with a 3 tips to do them better.

  1. Start with just the bar or weight you can control throughout the movement.
  2. Use a squat pad to prevent pressure on your shoulders or arms.
  3. If you have wrist issues, you might want to avoid the “clean position.” I’m doing the old school bodybuilder hold, which crosses your hands on top of your shoulders. You can avoid stability issues with this hold by making sure you are evenly holding the bar across your chest and keep your feet grounded through the movement.

Watch the video to see these tips in action!!

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Answers to 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Figure & Bikini

If you have never stepped on stage before, I am sure you have tons of questions!

Here are answers to the some of top ones I get about  competing for the first time:

Q: How long does it take to be ready for a figure or bikini competition? 

A: Depends on your current weight (how much body fat you need to lose) and the amount of muscle you need to develop to competitive. For example, you need to lose 20 pounds. The average girl loses 1-2 pounds per week. So, it would take 10-20 weeks. I’d split that time in the middle and shoot for 16 weeks. That way you have some wiggle room for training set backs and illness that would. You should choose prospective show dates based on how long it will take for you to lose the weight and create the right shape the judges are looking for on stage.

Q: What is the difference between figure and bikini? And how do I know which one is better for me? 

A: Bikini competitors have less muscle than figure athletes and more of an “curvy shape but lean. The judges are critiquing bikini athletes on overall healthy body symmetry. A bikini athlete should not be overly muscular or have striations in their muscles. Should look a bit more “soft” than figure or bodybuilding competitors but not have excess body fat. Figure competitors have a good amount of muscle and have a more “square” shape. They should not have striations like in physique and bodybuilding classes. The class that will be best for should be based on your current body type and training style.

Q:Which supplements should figure and bikini athletes use to cut body fat off safely? 

A: Common fat loss stacks can include fish oils, fatty acids like CLA, caffeine, green tea extract, L-carnitine, vitamin C, magnesium, and fiber.

Q: How many workouts do competitors need to do each week?

A: Figure competitors should train with weights at least 5 days and hit the major body parts at least once per week with a pick-up day for lagging body parts. Depending on the phase of training, figure competitors will train 6-7 days a week and split up sessions (2 x day). Bikini competitors combine several body parts together in one workout, have lighter training volume than figure, and train 3-4 days a week with weights. The final phases include more circuit training and short sessions HIIT cardio.

Q: What are the judges looking for? Any tips for placing in the top 5? 

A: The judges are looking for an overall toned and balanced physique. A few tips to place in the Top 5 is to have the right amount of muscle for your class, good stage presence, the right level of leanness, and be able to execute those poses with ease! Confidence is key!

I know this is just the tip of the iceberg but I do answer more specific questions about contest during a free Competitor Consult <<<

Burn More Calories With Circuit Training

How to do the workout:

30-35 minutes on the circuit + cardio bursts (see below)

30-35 minutes of HIIT Cardio (2:1 intervals)

The Circuit = 7 exercises + 3 Minutes HIIT Bursts | 3 sets

*Complete all the exercises back to back for stated reps. Once you finish the circuit, do 3 minutes of high intensity cardio (on any machine or body weight) IMMEDIATELY after each set. Then rest 1-2 minutes between the circuit + cardio burst. Complete 3 sets. Should take you 30-35 minutes.

*Choose light to moderate weights depending on the exercise

*After you finish the 3 circuit/cardio burst sets, do another 30-35 minutes of HIIT intervals (2:1 intervals)

Box jumps or DB step ups x 20

DB plank rows x 20

Decline medicine ball oblique twists (see photo above) x 20

Medicine ball pop squats x 20

DB squats to overhead shoulder press x 20

Medicine ball push-ups x 20 (can do on your knees)

DB lateral lunges with bicep curl x 20

*3 minutes of HIIT cardio

Repeat all this 3 times!

This is advanced training and works best as part of a COMPLETE training & nutrition plan.

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Oatmeal Power Bars

This recipe makes 8 bars


2 cups gluten free oats

1 cup vanilla protein powder

4 tbsp peanut butter

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

2 egg whites

1 cup apple sauce

2 tsp baking powder

Preparation Instructions

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.

2. Combine all ingredients and blend well.

3. Spoon into a greased and lined tin and cook for about 15 minutes.

Nutritional Content Per Serving

Macros per bar:

Calories 257 | Fat 8g | Carbohydrates 23g | Protein 24g

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