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Korrina Was Ready For A Change

Korrina’s results: After 8 weeks, she lost 8 pounds and almost 5% body fat.

But a picture says a thousand words. WOW! Keep reading her story below…

“I am Active Duty Navy as a Physician Assistant. For several years I worked as an advocate for wounded, ill and injured service members. A very rewarding, but very mentally draining, job! I am 46 years old, 5’3” and started Kimberly’s coaching at 151lbs. Until I hit age 30, I consistently was around 110-115 lbs. The weight began to creep up and I have not been successful at losing it for good. I will admit I was very inconsistent with my workouts as my time is often not my own to manage (and as a caregiver always put everyone else first). I’m in pretty good shape — I run half-marathons, do spartan races, swimming Alcatraz this summer — and live an active lifestyle. I just needed help to get myself mentally on track with consistency with the workouts and figure out this eating thing.” – Korrina 

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What My Training Looks Like Now

I’m training for my 3rd pro show and decided to do things a little differently by getting a coach!

Yes! Coaches need coaching too 🙂

What’s so great about having a coach?

Unlike a personal trainer, a coach is responsible for creating your full prep program (show selection, workouts, diet, cardio, supplements, posing, suit selection, making adjustments, etc.) and you get to focus on doing the work, not stressing!

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So, my coach is focusing on the things that will keep me from placing higher at the pro level–like my legs, core, and overall leanness…

Here is a quick overview of how my training is set up now.

Cardio – performing about 45 minutes x 6 days a week in a specific heart rate zone, fasted. After I finish my cardio, I do my short ab workout.

Weights – I am following a 6-7 day split with the trouble zones being hit more than once each week. Legs are getting the most volume in my training right now. I perform my weight training later in the afternoon or evening 90% of the time.

Diet – Eating pretty much the same thing every day with daily carbohydrate grams adjusted based on weekly progress goals. Main foods: filet/steak, chicken, salmon, green vegetables, sweet potatoes, some rice on high carb days.

Supplements – big change here. Keeping it real simple using fish oils, CLA, digestive enzymes, and a multi-vitamin. The biggest factor in my progress has been the way I’m using pre-post workout supplements. There’s always several ways to use a supplement to get even more results!

Thank you for following my progress. I’ll be sharing more, stay tuned!

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4 Tips to Grow Shoulders Fast!

During contest prep, there are 3 main things a competitor should be working on right away…

And that is shape, size, and symmetry.

Of course, this breaks down into phases that include specific training techniques, diet and supplement rotations.

For newbies, one of the hardest areas to get growth in are the shoulders.

I could write a whole book on putting on size fast, especially in the shoulders.

But today, I wanted to share 4 tips that have been battle tested by me in the field…

And they work!

I’m actually using all of them consistently this prep and definitely seeing more separation between the shoulders & upper chest.

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I took this photo after I finished yesterday’s chest & delts workout 🙂

Ok, enough flexin’ lol.

Here are the 4 tips:

  1. Train shoulders with alot of volume.Adding volume includes how many times per week you train them, and how much you load them up during those workouts. For example, super and rest pause sets, more weight and or sets, less rest, etc.
  1. Apply inward pressure. If you are using a barbell, act like you are trying to bend the bar together, pushing inward before you press upward. If you are using dumbbells, keep your thumbs lower than the rest of your hand.
  1. For lateral raises, tip your dumbbells. This exercise isolates the medial delts (aka the caps) and they work best when the dumbbells are angled lightly downward. So, when you raise them up, have the dumbbells pointing at one o’clock/eleven o’clock.
  1. Slow down your reps. Use enough weight to hold for a count or two and feel the burn longer. If you are moving too fast and using momentum vs. good form and tempo, you’re wasting your time yo!

Were these tips helpful Kimberly?

Imagine if we were training together…

You’d be getting the most direct path to success I can promise you that!

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Oh, and there’s still time to build a summer beach body!

No more waiting, let’s go!

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Contest Prep: Managing your meals

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St. Patrick’s Day Workout Circuit

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I was in the studio training with a client and realized something…

I’m supposed to be wearing green today! lol

So I threw on this green tank and created a new circuit for you guys!

It doesn’t take any Irish LUCK to finish this workout…

But it does take alot of sweat 😉

Here’s the breakdown: 

Complete all 4 exercises back to back, without rest. Take a 60 second rest after each circuit set. Shoot for 4-5 sets.

ViPR Lateral Lunges (If you don’t have a ViPR, you can use a Dynmax Ball) x 20 reps (10 each leg)

Bosu Plyometric Push-ups x 20 reps (10 each side)

Bosu Squat Jumps x 30 reps (15 each side)

Accordion Sit-ups x 25 reps

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Day 1: Sandra’s 90 Day Bikini Transformation

Sandra contacted me online about training for her first bikini competition. She was getting bored with her current fitness program (Crossfit) and wanted a new challenge. She is active duty military and super motivated!

Her ultimate goal is to step on stage, but after her complimentary consult with me, we decided to start with a pre-competition program. Keep reading to get her stats and first workout!

Sandra before 135.2











Day 1 Stats (March 11, 2017):

Height: 5’2

Weight: 135.2

Waist: 29.5

Hips: 37

Sandra’s 90-Day Bikini Transformation will include workouts, meal plans, and supplements that will be adjusted regularly to avoid plateaus. She is training in the studio 2 x per week. But most of her training program is online with regular check-ins and at-home/gym workouts to get accelerated results!

To reduce any bulky areas of her physique and lean out all over, we are beginning with custom circuit training. She completed (2) intense circuits, 4 exercises each x 3 sets that included a cardio blast in between sets. Each exercise was done for 60 seconds and 60-90 seconds rest between circuit sets. My custom circuits are unique because they include strength and cardio all in one! It took Sandra around 45 minutes to complete her first workout 🙂

Here is Sandra’s Circuit #1

Dyna Ball Slams

Squat Thrusts

DB Jumping Jacks

Reverse Lunges with Tricep Kickbacks

Cardio Blast 2 minutes on Treadclimber

Stay tuned for regular updates on Sandra’s progress!

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The Cutest Workout Ever


Kurt and I are babysitting our grand daughter Sydney for a couple of days.

She just turned 20 months old 🙂

So, I needed to create a workout with what I have access to in their house.

Well, I did just that and it turned out to be the CUTEST workout ever…

Ottoman Jump Squats x 20

Ottoman Push-ups x 15

Ottoman Reverse Crunches x 30

Ottoman Bulgarian Split Squats x 15 per leg

Ottoman Dips x 15

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